Over 1,600,000 unique and memorable experiences.

Since 1997, we have been building solid partnerships and creating unique life experiences for corporate and direct clients. We continually develop travel portfolio and innovate business lines.

2014: Aerotravel launches two new charter flights: Timisoara - Skiathos Island and Cluj-Napoca ─ Preveza (for Lefkada, Parga and Sivota).

2013: Aerotravel becomes founding member of the Global Travel international network, which delivers high standard travel management services around the globe.

On 27th of September 2013, Aerotravel consolidates its exclusive partnership with MSC Cruises by launching the first cruise boarding in Port Constanta.

The charter flight departing from Bucharest and serving Lefkada, Parga and Sivota is launched.

2012: A new charter flight from Bucharest to Skiathos is launched.

2010: TBS, Aerotravel’s new booking system, becomes fully functional.

2009: Aerotravel includes cruises in its travel portfolio. The cruise offer covers the most popular tourist destinations from Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia.

2007: Tina, Aerotravel’s new billing system, becomes fully functional.

2004: Aerotravel launches the charter flight from Bucharest to Skiathos.

2003-2006: Aerotravel opens three new offices in Sibiu, Brasov and Bucharest.

2002: Aerotravel’s office from Oradea joins the Lufthansa City Center network.

2001: Aerotravel’s office from Bucharest joins the Business Plus Lufthansa City Center network.

2000: Aerotravel’s offices from Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara join the Lufthansa City Center network.

1998: Aerotravel opens new offices in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara. Cluj-Napoca office is the first to become accredited IATA agent.

1997: Aerotravel is established in November as a privately owned travel agency.