Client Benefits

We offer tangible benefits to our clients: swift and quick procedures, 24/7 travel support and global coverage.

Aerotravel Lufthansa City Center is one of the most important Romanian company offering corporate travel solutions to local and multinational organizations.

At Aerotravel, we have the same professional approach to any type of corporate travel request, be it air ticketing, transfers, rent-a-car, hotel accommodation in Romania and abroad, travel insurance or logistic support for conferences and events.

We invest in advanced technological platforms to ensure quick operational processes (booking, support, etc.) and thus high-standard services.

Aerotravel’s membership to international networks such as Business Plus Lufthansa City Center and Global Travel represents a complementary guarantee for clients that our services comply with best industry standards.

Consequently, we are able to offer clients concrete benefits:

- Minimal fees and rates for the entire range of services
- Real-time effective support covering all possible scenarios
- Real and proven expertise of our ticketing agents and travel consultants
- Useful travel consultancy, which assures the success of client business travel